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Mr. David Dan is a communications Graduate from Leeds University UK and holds a Masters degree in Technology management (MSM) from the Polytechnic University NY. He is currently the CEO at CyberSOC Africa, A Cybersecurity firm that sets its goal to provide the Nigerian and the African market with best of bread local Cybersecurity security services, expertise, knowhow and support their ever growing Cyber Security challenges. After years of operating in Africa he has set partnership with dozens of leading IT security OEM’s, Cyber Security experts and brought that know-how to the continent. While training hundreds of local computer science graduates in Nigeria and developing the local know how and expertise, He has also built the biggest Security Operation Center (e.g. SOC) in Nigeria. The SOC in Lekki, Lagos is one of the biggest and one of the most advanced SOC in country. CyberSOC see it as a company mission to continue training and transferring knowledge to the local team and customers while providing military grade in country Cybersecurity services.

Prior to this role he has been active in The African market and specifically in Information/cyber security for the past 15 years and has over 25 years of experience in IT. David is One of CyherSOC’s founders and together with military veterans they set their mission To deliver superior Cyber Security Services and expertise against any form of Cyber threat, harm or exploitation, in the highest standards and technologies in Nigeria and across the continent.

Beyond his role he is also operating with local law enforcement agenesis to support their efforts against cyber criminals and Syndicates that are operating in country and out;

David Dan

Chief Executive Officer CyberSOC Africa
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